some WOW work 🤩

After commencing our addition and subtraction topic Miss Wood couldn’t not be absolutely wowed at some of the most amazing maths work from Year 1.
Above shows the first time the Kingfishers have worked without maths worksheets and their ability to write one number per box with fantastic number formation is superb, a skill that they will carry with them all the years throughout their learning.

Heroes from History – Launch

When the Kingfishers came in from lunch they had a very special journey to go on, Miss Wood took them on a journey back in time. As we travelled down the corridor we entered the immersive room to a scene from a war. We saw a silhouette of a town and we could hear distant bombings. As we sat in the room we thought about what was happening at the time and how those soliders might be feeling.

Miss Wood told us how we had a solider who urgently needed our help in our classroom, we had to make it back quickly. We found a basket of bandages and quickly started wrapping him up.

When the solider was wrapped we sat down and reflected on the ways in which we helped him. Miss Wood read the Little People, Big Dreams, Florence Nightingale story. We thought back to how we helped our solider… did we wash our hands? did we use clean bandages? do they have a full belly of nutritious food? and somewhere clean to sleep? Florence Nightingale told us the great importance of these factors and we considered what we would ask her incase she ever came to visit….

and we were so lucky we had questions prepared as Florence appeared in our classroom! We asked Florence all about her achievements and how she helped others.

Our Learning Mission ‘Heroes from History’ has launched, and we are so excited to explore more about The Lady with the Lamp!

Welcome to our new Kingfishers!

This week we have had the opportunity to explore our new year 1 classroom. We have had a taster of what our learning will now look like and what excitement is awaiting us.

We have created our own self portraits, with a focus on line drawing we used mirrors to see what shapes our noses, mouths and eyes are, we thought about where on our face these features are and how big they should be. Once we had completed our beautiful portraits we carefully thought about the placement of colours to ensure we represented ourselves in the best way possible.

We have had opportunities in play and learn to discover different areas of learning and the new manipulatives that we have at our disposal. We have had some fantastic castles and zoos this week.

I would like to say a big well done to every little Kingfisher, you have absolutely amazed me with how well you have transitioned into your new class and I am most certain we will have the most fantastic year.